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What is Sanjeevani Basmati Rice ?

Basmati Rice is a rice popular not only for its flavor but for its fragrance. It is remarkably long for rice and becomes longer still when cooked. It can be either brown or white. When cooked, the rice is lighter and more fluffy than standard white rice and does not stick together.


At Sanjeevani Basmati Rice, we produce a wide variety of rice to cater to the needs of our clientele spread across the globe. Our Distribution network is global with direct supply to some of the leading brands in the world with direct packing for renowned international brands.

Infrastructure & Machinery

Quality and innovation have been the key features that drive our business. At Sanjeevani Basmati Rice, the most modern techniques are used at the milling and processing stages to ensure the perfection of each grain. We have been continuously upgrading the vast knowledge of capital and technology to keep in tune with the ever growing and demanding market needs at the global level.


Our Rice Mills are at the heart of Basmati area of North India these plants have state of the art machinery from the stake of Japan and mill tech of Banglore these integrated plants are equipped with state of the art drying, parboiling, milling, grading and sorting facilities with environment-friendly storage and bin packing units.


We have direct contact with the farmers (Growers), more than 3000 acres of farmers are in our direct contact. We give him guidance regarding which variety is better for the future and promote the farmers to use the traditional technique of pest control teach him to reduce the use of pesticides. we are in constant effort to reduce the pesticides residual in finished products. We are at Sanjeevani Basmati buy more than 50% of raw material directly from farmers to eliminate the middleman. This technique is very helpful in reducing the cost of the finished products.


Our future expansion plan comprises of investment in infrastructure automation and modernization, setting up new grading and sorting units, setting up an in-house captive power plant, installing better fumigation systems and increasing storage facilities to name a few. We are also planning to set up a full-fledged facility for organic products for overseas and domestic markets

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