Pesticides Usage

Basmati Scenario From Farm to Globe!

Now the paddy arrival has been started in Punjab. This year Basmati crop is more in Pan India, comparatively to last year’s paddy crop produce which will till the month of January. So sue to increase in area under Basmati crop, the price of paddy will be less and also the international scenario is not favourable because Iran is our main buyer. There are around Rs.1500 crores already stuck in Iran due to the material lying at various ports of Iran. Our second major buyer is Saudi Arabia, but there are export complications which are increasing day by day for

Sanjeevani Basmati Rice Project Farming With Controlled Usage of Pesticides for US FDA Approvals

Rice is the seed of grass species Oryza sativa, it is also its scientific name which includes the worldwide paddy having around 4000 varieties. It is the staple food of most of the world human population and it’s also the third highest worldwide production agriculture commodity. The rice includes a premium variety that is Basmati, the world basmati derived from Sanskrit, this variety is believed to have been cultivated in the Indian subcontinent for centuries. Basmati rice is recognized and renowned worldwide. There are 29 varieties recognized by GOI and notified under the seed Act 1966. There are many of