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Sanjeevani Basmati Rice Project Farming With Controlled Usage of Pesticides for US FDA Approvals

Rice is the seed of grass species Oryza sativa, it is also its scientific name which includes the worldwide paddy having around 4000 varieties. It is the staple food of most of the world human population and it’s also the third highest worldwide production agriculture commodity.

The rice includes a premium variety that is Basmati, the world basmati derived from Sanskrit, this variety is believed to have been cultivated in the Indian subcontinent for centuries. Basmati rice is recognized and renowned worldwide. There are 29 varieties recognized by GOI and notified under the seed Act 1966.

There are many of the Unique characters of this variety, there is the good aroma, sweet in taste, long and slender grains. Its elongation ratio ranging from 2.5 times to 3 times i.e. length of cooked rice grain to length of the uncooked grain.

Punjab has been dominating the basmati rice export to the world but due to our bad luck as on date there decline in export to the European Union and many more countries are getting active in this residual issue. Now last week Sultanate of Oman issued an order to the there port authority that after the 1st of July 2019 each and every shipment should meet these pesticide residual standards.

We S.k. brothers (Sanjeevani Basmati Rice) at our end with the help of BFDF, AIREA, APEDA, and agriculture department Punjab putting our best efforts to control to uses these pesticides So that an export-oriented Basmati crop will develop.

Our Sanjeevani basmati rice team visited the fields of Minia Village. The main Purpose of the visit is to provide technical know how to plant the basmati crop in water deficient areas and also a knowledgeable discussion on the uses of pesticides to the farmers. Basmati crop requires very less water as compared to Pussa or PR varieties of paddy.

Basmati crop earns foreign exchange for INDIA. Farmers and rice-exporter will get a better return on their investment so this is a win-win situation for the farmer, rice exporter, and India. We should promote the basmati crop in same Punjab Because the groundwater level is decreasing day by day and it has reached a dangerous level.

During our team visit, the Minia village firstly provided the knowledge to purchase the seeds from an authorized vendor certified dealer by the Govt. Agency. Seeds Should be top quality and then seeds should be soaked in water for few hours and then soaked seeds should be kept in the wet bag overnight, which helps the seeds to germinate.

Rice crops can be planted either direct seeded or transplanted. In direct seeding, the seeds are shown directly in the field. While in transplanting, seeding is first raised in seeded, then these plants (Paneeri) Sown to field for plantation.

We at our end S.k.brothers (Sanjeevani Basmati) try our best to control the usage of not recommended pesticides with regular farm visits at each and every cycle of this basmati crop.

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  1. 02 Jul, 2019

    Great initiative. Keep growing

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